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Mission Trip Booklet








Introductory Letter


Dear Evangelist – Pastor – and Friend,


            We are excited about the prospect of your coming to Argentina.   In the following pages you will find answers to many questions, however if you have further questions do not hesitate to call our home phone number 011-54-381-425-4112 or at Argentinabrg@yahoo.com


            Praise the Lord for you and your plans on coming to Argentina.  It will be an unforgettable, life changing experience.    You will see the work here in Tucuman with your own eyes and be able to participate for a few days.


            Please read this booklet before you come to Argentina.   Also it would be a good idea to have this booklet in your carry on language since it includes a lot of information about this great country.


            This booklet was written with a “Work Team” or group in mind.   If you are coming by yourself some of this information would not apply to you.    


            We ask all guest preachers to pay for their own airplane tickets.   As a general rule we are able to pay for all the expenses of the guest preacher and partner during their stay here in Tucuman.   This will include the motel bill, phone calls, food, and transportation.

It is an honor for us to be able to pay for these expenses.   We are excited that you have been able to come to Tucuman to help us with the teaching in the Bible College and Preaching in the main church services.   


            All groups and work teams need to read this booklet in order better prepare for your trip and know how much it will cost for your food, motel, and transportation.


            Thank you for reading this booklet!!  May God bless you richly!!


For Souls,

Brian Roy George and Family


About Argentina



Requirements for the Tucuman – Argentina Trip



Travel to Tucuman, Argentina






* You will need to confirm a date with the missionary before you come.   We generally can handle one pastor or group per month from the USA.    Please plan six months to two years in advance to help us better plan our schedule.

* The summer months are from October – February.  The winter months are from May – August.   During the winter the average temperature would be 62F and during the summer months it would be 78F.    For more accurate information on the weather, check out www.weather.com

* It is best to schedule a trip for 7-10 days and include one weekend in your plans.

* For more details or to schedule a trip, please contact Missionary Brian Roy George at 011-54-381-425-4112 or Missionary Larry Owens at 011-54-381-461-6374 or Argentinabrg@yahoo.com




Plane Tickets         $1500/person from Atlanta, Dallas/Ft.Worth, and Miami Airport to Buenos Aires - Argentina

Plane Tickets         $480/round trip from Buenos Aires to Tucuman.


Note: If you are part of a work team – these are the suggested funds you should bring with you:

Transportation       $75/per person here in Tucuman for a 7 to 10 day stay.

Food                      $100/ per person here in Tucuman for a 7 to 10 day stay.

Lodging                $44/ per person per night.

Spending               $100/ per person.

Extra costs                        $100/ per person for emergency spending, excess baggage fee at the national airport – and airport tax of $18).






Packing Checklist


Remember to pack the following items:



Note: The electrical current here is 220v and 50 hz.  Unless it is dual voltage it will not work here.   If you plug in 110v appliance here you will burn it up!!   Laptops, digital video cameras, and razors are usually dual voltage.   Check to make sure before bringing them down.    You can use one of our transformers that will knock down the current from 220v to 110v.   If you need a transformer in your motel, please ask ahead of time and we will loan you one.


Do not pack the following items in your checked luggage:



Remember to place the following items in your carry-on:



The following Items cannot be Carried onboard the Airplane!!


Fireworks -  Flammable Liquids or Solids – Fuel – paints - gas torches - Household Items – Bleach - spray starch – insecticides - drain cleaners and solvents - Pressure Containers - Spray cans – butane – fuel - propane tanks - CO2 cartridges - self-inflating rafts – Weapons – Firearms – Ammunition – gunpowder – mace - tear-gas - or pepper spray - Other Hazardous Materials - Dry ice - gasoline-powered tools - wet-cell batteries - camping equipment with fuel - radioactive materials – poisons - infectious substances - Scissors and Tools:  - Metal scissors with a cutting edge of four inches or less and tools such as screwdrivers - wrenches and pliers smaller than seven inches will be allowed on board - Scissors longer than four inches and tools such as crowbars, drills, hammers, and saws will continue to be prohibited from carry-on bags - Miscellaneous Items: (These items may be checked, but NOT carried on-board.) Knives of any length (except rounded blade butter knives and plastic cutlery), cutting instruments of ANY kind including carpet knives, box cutters and folding or retractable blades regardless of length, ice picks, straight razors (safety/disposable razors ARE allowed), and self-heating meals. 
It's the Law . . .
You must declare your dangerous goods to the airline. Failure to do so violates U.S. Federal Law. Violators may be subject to a maximum penalty of 5 years' imprisonment and $250,000 or more (49 U.S.C. 5124). Contact your authorized representative for further details . . .
Plan Ahead . . .
Hazardous materials are prohibited in luggage which is checked or carried on board.
There are certain exceptions for personal care, medical needs, sporting equipment, and items to support physically challenged passengers.




During the winter months (May – August), the weather in Tucuman can get cold.  You will need to bring winter clothes for these months.   The churches do not have heating so please dress warm.  The people here dress with several layers to keep warm.   During the summer (November – February) it gets very hot (sometimes close to 100 degrees with high humidity).  100% cotton, loose clothing would be most comfortable.  You will want some relatively comfortable shoes for all the walking we will be doing.


You will be visiting the mission field.   This will be much more than a tourist trip even though will get opportunity to see some tourist sites.    Since this is a mission trip and we know that you want to set a good example for our brethren on the field, we will ask all women to wear long full dresses, skirts or culottes.  Blousy tops that aren’t sheer or low neck line with sleeves.    Men should have short hair and wear slacks, shirt, and tie to the services.  For any sports activity we ask the men to wear jeans or sweat pants.


Flights from the USA to Argentina



            You can fly direct nonstop from the following cities in the USA:  Miami, Chicago, Dallas/Ft. Worth, Atlanta, and Washington Dullas.    The most common airlines would be the following:   American Airlines, Delta, United, Aerolineas Argentinas, and LandChile.    A nonstop flight to Buenos Aires usually takes 10 hours.    I usually shy away from a flight that stops in many different countries and eventually arrives in Argentina.   Try to get a nonstop flight.  You may have to fly to Santiago Chile and then Buenos Aires.


            In order to get into Argentina you will have to fly to Buenos Aires. 


When You Arrive in Argentina


            You will arrive at the international airport called “Ezeiza” in Buenos Aires, Argentina.   You will need to go through immigration.   You will present your US passport and tell the agent in English that you are a tourist.    They will stamp your passport and the immigration paper that you filled out before hand.   On the immigration paper they will ask the address of your destination.  Write down “Francisco de Aguirre 2050 / San Miguel de Tucuman”   When they ask for your address put down your personal address in the USA.    After immigration you will need to go through customs.   Tell the agents in English that you are tourist going to Tucuman.   It you do not have any electrical instrument that you are bringing to the missionary you will have nothing to declare.    You should not have any problem with customs.   If they ask to open your suitcases – proceed to open each one.  As soon as they notice that all the items are personal items they will let you through.


            When you are done with customs you are free to walk out to the receiving area of the airport.    In this area you will meet the missionary or taxi that is waiting for you.    If the missionary is not their he may have sent somebody else to meet you with a sign with your name on it.   Look around at all the sign people are showing to see if your name is on one of them.    If the missionary does not show up, please don’t worry!!   Just stay where you are and wait 10 to 15 minutes.  Please do not walk around the airport or go outside looking for the missionary.   Just stay in the receiving area and we will be right their!!   It still nobody shows up please call the missionary.    Ask any official for a phone center.   Here they are called “Locutorio or Telecentros”.   Walk into the phone center and ask in English permission to make a phone call.  They will show you a phone.   Please call the following numbers:   Brian Roy George  home #  0381-425-4112 or Pastor Owens home phone: 0381-461-6374.   If nobody answers and you have been waiting for awhile please call my dad, Russell George, in Buenos Aires at this phone:  011-4626-3650.      Be patient and we will be their shortly.    You can pay for the phone call with dollars and they will give you “Pesos” as change in return.    


Transferring from the International “Ezeiza” Airport to the National “Aeroparque” Airport


            When you fly into Buenos Aires you will arrive at the International Airport “Ezeiza”.    This airport is for international flights only.     The national airport is in down town Buenos Aires and is called “Aeroparque or Ministerio Pistarini”.    From the national airport you can fly to any destination in Argentina.    It will take a 45 minute taxi ride or one hour bus ride to get to the national airport.


            The best and easiest way to get to the national airport is by Taxi. A Taxi here in Argentina is also called a “Remis”.   You will need to line up a Remis before hand with a first class taxi fleet company called “Manuel Tienda Leon”.   Web site in English:  www.tiendaleon.com.ar/prehome.asp .   The cost for this taxi transfer will be $55 dollars.


            I can line up this Taxi for you and you will have to pay the fee at the Manuel Tienda Leon counter.   By just mentioning your last name they will assign you a driver and help you carry your luggage out to the car. 


            Another option if you have time is to take the bus from the International airport to the national airport.   You will have to make the reservation before hand with Manuel Tienda Leon.


            Another option is for a missionary to meet you at the International airport and take you to the national airport.    This can be arranged before hand.   If a missionary takes you to the national airport please be very kind and thankful to the missionary and try to give the missionary $20 dollars or more for their expenses.    Keep in mind that these missionaries have their own ministries and that they had to take time off their busy schedules to meet you at the International Airport.  They will be more than happy to do this if it works out in their schedule.     


If you miss your flight at the national airport – the airlines will put you on the next flight later on that day.   If your flight gets delayed, missed, or cancelled, please call the missionary in Tucuman (phone numbers above) and let them know about the delay so he does not wait all day at the Tucuman airport not knowing what flight you will arrive on.   Please let us know. 


Excess Luggage Fee


            At the national airport you will be charged an excess luggage fee.   On international flights you are allowed a total of 100 pounds (two large suitcases of 50 lbs each).   On the national flights you are allowed only 33 pounds total under the airplane.   You will need to pay a $.59 cent fee for every pound over 33 lbs.   This would be $39.53 (67 pounds times $.59) dollars for your excess baggage.   Please go ahead a pay the fee and plan ahead in your budget for this expense.    Since you are bringing items down to Tucuman – Argentina for our family and ministry we will be more than happy to pay this fee for you.  


Currency Exchange and Cash on Hand


            We pay for almost everything here with cash.   You will need to bring with you some cash.    The banks or exchange house here will accept $20 bills, $50 bills, and $100 bills.    The bills need to be clean without any marks.   They will not accept a bill that has pen marks, bank marks, tears, or worn out.    You will need to exchange your bills at an exchange house or bank.   If I have enough cash on hand I can exchange your bills.    You will need cash on hand to pay for the excess baggage fee and airport fee (this fee can be paid with pesos or US dollars but they will not accept credit.)   The airport fee is $18 when you leave Argentina.   If you have an ATM card with password you can get cash out of the ATM machines here in PESOS.  




            Each guest will be staying at a hotel.   We do not put guest up at our house since we have a small house and I’m in and out all the time.    The place were you will be staying will have electricity, hot and cold water, comfortable beds, good security, and a pleasant atmosphere.  There may be several unexpected inconveniences but then this is the mission field.




            * Do not drink water from the faucet or tap.  You will need to drink bottled mineral water or soft drinks.   Coffee or tea is okay.    Be careful about asking for ice in your drink since the ice may not be filtered water.     We will purchase bottled water for you!!

            * Always be careful to watch your things while on the trip or in town.  Do not wear excessive amount of jewelry or something that might call attention to thieves.   Do not flash your money around.

* It is not required to have vaccinations before coming to Argentina although you may want to check with your doctor.

* Everybody will be allowed to call home when they arrive to let parents know they have made it fine. 

* For current safety travel information: www.travel.state.gov/travel/cis_pa_tw/tw/tw_1764.html


Culture Do’s and Don’ts


1.                          Do not treat the church here in Tucuman any different than you would a church in the United States.   The church is just as good, and many times much more spiritual than a church in the US.

2.                          Don’t treat national pastors any different than you would a pastor in the United States.

3.                          Do not eat or drink in front of them without offering them something.

4.                          Do not compare Argentina to the USA or talk about your country and all that you miss there or how it is better, etc.

5.                          Develop a taste for the food here in Argentina.   Eat with the nationals.   Do not turn up your nose at their food.  

6.                          Do not skip church or stay outside the building during church services, etc.   Politely ask the missionary or missionary son to translate for you during the service.    Get involved with the people in the service.  

7.                          Look at things like they do.  They aren’t strange or new-you are.

8.                          They will ask you if you like their country.  Think about the many positive things and say “yes”, even if there are some things you don’t like.  It would be very offensive to tell them you didn’t like their country.

9.                          Always ask the missionary before giving someone money or promising somebody support or money.   It would be good to place something in the offering plate each time it is passed because people are watching your example and in their eyes you have more money than they do.

10.                      Do not talk to the national about the cars you own, your nice house, how much money you have, or how much you are getting paid at your job in the USA. 

11.                      Do not tell the nationals they are poor, live in a poor neighborhood, dirty, lazy, or not hard workers.  Accept them just the way they are!!

12.                      Before you take a picture of somebody on the street or at church ask their permission first.   Offer to send them a picture!!


Preaching and Teaching


Some general suggestions about preaching or giving a testimony.


1.                          Keep your testimony brief, maybe up to 5 minutes max.   It you are preaching try to keep the message up to 45 minutes.  Remember that with the translation the message get longer.

2.                          Open with a greeting in Spanish.  The folks like it when you try to speak their language and show an interest.

3.                          Tell them your name, some information about yourself, family, and work.

4.                          Add a couple of positive statements about the country, the church, and the people.

5.                          Do not talk about the poverty of the area, the currency as funny money, how sorry you feel for them, etc.

6.                          Tell them what Christ has done for you, how you got saved, how your life was changed, etc.   Do not give graphic details about your sin or past live.

7.                          Give a verse and make sure you give the application.

8.                          Avoid slang and idioms in your testimony.  They are very difficult to translate and have no meaning in other languages.

9.                          Avoid speaking of the sacrifice that you made to get to the mission field.   Do not mention how much it cost for your airplane ticket to come to Argentina.   You may share with them the blessing of being able to come and how God answered your prayers and made it possible.

10.                      Don’t tell jokes, etc without prior approval to make sure they translate correctly, etc.




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